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Hey there!

I’m Jessica Korthuis.

Founder of Sohuis, Branding & Marketing Maven, Educator

I educate female founders and aspiring entrepreneurs with branding and marketing resources so that they can level-up their marketing game and create authentic and meaningful businesses.

A self-taught marketer and two-time entrepreneur, I’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. My mission is to help female founders build incredible businesses so that they have the freedom and power to live their lives by their own rules.

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As seen on:

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So tell me, what’s your brand’s

Secret Sauce?

If I had a dollar for every entrepreneur who’s asked me how to differentiate themselves, their brand, or their product, I would be living the LIFE.

I’m here tell you the secret, you ready?  

Your brand’s secret sauce is your ability to genuinely understand your customer and communicate to them in an authentic, accessible way. (Yup, it’s not much more complicated than that).

Not sure who your customers are? Been there. Launched a product only to find that people don’t actually want it? Been there too. Agonized over endless logo designs only to pick one that you ended up changing 6 months later?

Yea, I feel you.

If you’re a female founder or aspiring womanpreneur with branding and marketing woes in need of some life-changing education and guidance – girl, you’re in the right place.

Some tidbits about me

Two-time entrepreneur, former co-founder of a branding agency, marketing and branding expert, online educator, dry-shampoo enthusiast, chief mom boss.

I believe in making small businesses better — more profitable, authentic and fun. Get started with some of my favs below.

Marketing Fundamentals for Small Businesses

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“The 3 most effective marketing channels for entrepreneurs”

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Color Psychology for Marketing

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Changing lives one womenpreneur at a time


“Going through Jessica’s course was eye-opening, educational and inspirational. Not only does she provide the resources and tools to help you construct a robust marketing plan for your business, but she gives you the WHY behind the practices. I would highly recommend her program to anyone looking to take their start up to the next level under the guidance of someone who is truly an expert in her field.”

  • "Straight, with no chaser."

    “Jessica’s blueprint is seriously #1. Jessica is what I call, straight with no chaser. So if you want education straight with no chaser, this is the place to be. Jessica has helped me tap into my authentic purpose, she helped me understand and how to get my tribe!”

    "Straight, with no chaser."
    Alana Snowden
    Global Hair Educator, CEO in-the-making
  • "Jessica's mind is a work of art."

    “She speaks from a true knowledge base that has informed practices as a female entrepreneur. You feel like you’re sitting in a coffee shop as if you’ve known each other forever. She really wants each and every women’s business to succeed!”

    "Jessica's mind is a work of art."
    Stina Welty
    Founder, The Everyday Series


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