I’m Jessica Korthuis (court-house).

Chief mom boss, coffee enthusiast, dry shampoo junkie, branding expert, educator.


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How this self-taught marketer became a two-time entrepreneur and award winning brand strategist.

I wasn’t always an entrepreneur. In fact, I was pretty much forced into entrepreneurship after having my corporate dream job eliminated with no back up plan, and no real job opportunities in site. I dreamt up my first business with my husband (then, boyfriend) on a Friday night over pizza and 2 bottles of wine. We created a simple website that weekend and were in business by Monday morning. We owned our branding and design agency for about 4 years, organically growing our company to work with brands like Red Bull, TedxWomen, Stanford University, and others.

From there, I went to work for a global nonprofit organization as the Director of Marketing, where we created educational programs to expand entrepreneurship around the world. 

Then, I became a mom and everything changed. Motherhood showed me that time was my currency, and I wanted to cherish every single moment of it. This inspired me to take my love of writing and teaching, entrepreneurship, branding and marketing, and combine it with my passion for supporting women to build a sustainable business – giving me the freedom to be present in my family’s life the way I envisioned. 

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“When women have the power to create income for their families and show up as their authentic selves, communities thrive and the world just simply works better.”

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  • “What Jessica offers is more than a one-time solution. She provides a methodology that teaches you how to think critically about your business, both today and tomorrow. Jessica walks you through the tough questions to get to answers that are real for you and your unique business.”

    15_emily_wray_096_sm (1)
    Emily Wray
    Founder, Make Sense Media
  • “Jessica is so amazing. Her Sohuis StartupBlueprint has been so enlightening for me because it helped me learn about my values and understand how that relates to business. It was a huge ‘Ah-ha’ moment for me. I would definitely recommend it for anybody who wants to go into business.”

    shari relaxed
    Shari Brousseau
    Stylist & Educator
  • “I am so grateful for the amazing content Jessica has put out to help us small businesses figure out our branding and messaging 🙂 She’s fun, engaging and super smart.”

    kendra joy
    Kendra Rice
    Owner & Designer, Joy Creations

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