Why I Broke Up With Networking

Letting go is hard for all of us, change never seems that fun and often the overwhelming emotions associated with letting something go holds us back from experiencing true alignment and abundance.

This past week, I let go of a commitment that at one time in my career helped my business as well as connected me with wonderful people and professionals that I love and care about deeply. I joined this networking group when I started a business teaching private yoga lessons. I decided I needed a referral network to support me and connect me with high quality private yoga lesson leads and referrals, so I joined one of the many organizations that help business owners network and generate referrals.

At first, I was excited and enthusiastic to meet new people, help my business, and grow professionally, but almost a year later, I found myself not feeling the same amount of enthusiasm I started with, which made me feel guilty and flaky! I had nothing but positive experiences with the group, but as my business grew and as I grew, I realized I could no longer keep up with everything I was doing to maintain the lead generation for my business. With more private clients, I found myself having less and less time and feeling more scattered than ever; making the 7AM networking meeting less and less appealing week after week.

Every meeting and happy hour I missed grew my guilt complex.

With every missed event I ended up beating myself up, wondering why I couldn’t commit like I used to. After all, I had received great referrals from the group, referrals that ended in large amounts of recurring closed business. But when I look back on my life and my business when I joined my networking group, I was in a completely different place personally and professionally. My business didn’t even have a website (let alone very many clients), I had just been through the worst breakup of my life, and I had moved so deep into Brooklyn that I was willing to do anything to get myself out of the slump I was experiencing. Getting out early and networking felt amazing at the time. It boosted my confidence to give and receive referrals, share my ideas, and connect with other people with common goals. But a year can change a lot of stuff both personally and professionally. I niched my business, started learning more about digital marketing, fell in love, moved to my dream neighborhood, and remembered it’s okay to have time to take care of yourself.

Somewhere along my business journey, I adopted the notion that busyness equated to success. But as I step into 2020 I realize that less is more; so this January I broke up with my networking group. I had fear, fear of losing referral opportunities, fear of letting people down, fear of seeming flaky or uncommitted; but at the end of the day we have to put aside our fear to take care of ourselves and our businesses because no one else will.

I hope this is the year of trusting our business intuition and letting go of the baggage that no longer serves us personally and professionally. Since quitting my  networking group I feel a sense of ease and alignment when I’m at the Yoga studio at 7AM instead of trekking across Manhattan with leads coming in regardless of where I choose to be on Tuesday mornings. Scarcity is the fear we buy into not the abundant reality surrounding us.

What should you do if you’re questioning a professional commitment you’ve made?
  • Ask yourself “Is this commitment nourishing me?”

  • Make a pros and cons list of the positive and negative aspects of the commitment

  • Consider what would be possible if you let go of or changed your current commitments


Content courtesy of Alli Bradley, founder of Private Yoga Soho, based in New York City


Alli began practicing Yoga and Reiki as an extension of her BFA in Dance Performance and quickly found her passion within these ancient practices. Her multidisciplinary background in Yoga, dance, somatics, and energy healing ground her work in curated individualized practices. Currently she is a NYC-based private Yoga instructor and founder of Private Yoga Soho.

Her mission is to bring movement and expression to people throughout all walks of life. To learn more about her work visit www.privateyogasoho.com

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