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Did you know…

The African elephant is the largest walking animal on earth?

The Sohuis logo is an elephant (her name is Lucy!), Elephants are the brand iconography for Sohuis because Elephants represent our core brand values: Compassion, Strength, Leadership, Education, Mentorship & Community

Elephants are highly-social and incredibly intelligent creatures that live in matriarchal societies

Who runs the world? (girls) Elephants form deep family bonds and are known to have superior intelligence, and they pass down generational knowledge through older females in their herd, who are lead by a main matriarch. The matriarch is the most trusted and respected of all the other elephants because she carries a treasure trove of crucial information to help her herd survive. She also has a unique influence over group decision-making, and she is chosen by her ability to lead, communicate, nurture, and teach. 

In 1930, as many as 10 million wild elephants roamed the African continent

Decades of ivory poaching and human conflict have decimated African elephant populations, and today, there are just 415,000 elephants left (that’s a 58.5% decrease). The good news is that elephant poaching is trending downward due to gargantuan efforts from sanctuaries, diplomacy and nonprofit organizations, although poaching still continues to steer the species dangerously nearer to extinction. 

Elephants have developed sophisticated communication patterns to help them survive

Elephants have long migrated across the African continent (37 countries, to be exact), and recent studies have shown that elephants have started to develop complex communication habits to relay information to each other to help them survive. They have also started to uncharacteristically roam at night to avoid the high threat of poaching activities that occur during the day.  

Elephants can feel the entire range of human emotion

While elephants are used to roaming across thousands of miles, they never forget their family roots and commit much time and effort to keeping track of their relatives. It’s been documented that while on their journey, if they pass by a fallen elephant, even one that’s not from their herd, they will mourn the loss and collectively enter into a grieving period. As part of their grieving, they will oftentimes conduct a ceremony in the deceased elephant’s honor – laying twigs, sticks and flowers over their burial site. Elephants have also been known to show a considerate amount of compassion and empathy for other animal species. 

10% of all online sales are donated to organizations committed to rescuing and rehabilitating endangered African elephants.

10% of all online sales are donated to organizations committed to rescuing and rehabilitating endangered African elephants.

Here’s how your purchases contribute

Every time you enroll in a course or purchase an educational resource… 
A percentage of the sale gets set aside into our “Lucy Fund”
At the end of the year, we make a donation equal to 10% of our annual sales to either one organization, or a collection of several organizations

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